C.O.D.E. Pledge

Company Oriented Developer Excellence
Advice from 23 years of experience distilled into one simple pledge.

1. Attitude

I will have a friendly and enthusiastic attitude at work to provide a positive example for others to emulate.

2. Communication

I will communicate professionally, listen carefully, and be open to the thoughts, opinions, and ideas of others.

3. Teamwork

I will consider everyone at my company to be on my team regardless of title, tenure, or where they are in the organization.

4. Collaboration

I will strive to earn the reputation of being a trusted colleague who can be depended upon to help achieve company objectives.

5. Productivity

I will eliminate distractions so that I can focus on delivering the most important work as quickly as possible.

6. Technical Proficiency

I will take personal responsibility for guaranteeing that I am proficient in whatever skills are required for me to do my job.

7. Business Knowledge

I will put in the effort to learn how my company generates revenue and how we differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

8. Company Objectives

I will trust that executive management have picked the correct company objectives and fully commit to achieving these goals.

9. Expectation Management

I will invest time in technical planning to maximize predictability and to avoid making promises that I am not sure that I can keep.

10. Customer Satisfaction

I will only believe that I have done an excellent job if executive management states that my work exceeds customer expectations.


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How to sign

1) Tweet "I signed the #codepledge codepledge.org" (copy).

2) Copy and Paste the URL for the Tweet made in step #1.

3) If all goes well, you should see your Twitter handle added above.

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